Junkrat Fanart

Hello !
yep , another BLizzard / Overwatch fanart .. you're goddam right i did !
it was alot of fun working on this Junk...rat. i love this character and he is also my main in overwatch.
special thanks to my friend Rosana Marar for rigging / skin this bad boy.
Music : SCRATON - Junkrat Theme

 junkrat on mineee
 360 colors
 junkrat puppet 2
 junkrat riptirego
 junkrat angry
 junkrat creepy
 junkrat fly final
 junk lounging
 junkrat puppet
 running base render
 junkrat puppet 3
 rip render
 gun render
 leg render
 triiger render
 arm render


 clay 1
 clay 3
 clay 7
 clay 8
 clay 2
 clay 6
 clay 4
 clay 5